Joann (Scarlet) Spencer Update

Man! How time flies! Over the last 5 years we have had our ups and downs. But I would have to say that the blessing that we have received have been worth all  of it!

We moved to South Jordan the winter after our 10 year reunion. We are still living here and loving it! The people in our area are amazing! With having a 13 year old, an 11 year old, an 8 year old, a 6 year old and a 3 year old, we are crazy busy. With dance, piano, football, cub scouts..... but it's a great season in our life, and we are loving every minute of it!!

We were blessed to have our fifth child, about 3 years ago. Exactly two weeks after he was born my husband went into the hospital and was diagnosed with Guallian Barre. This is very terrible disease were your body attacks your nerve system and paralyzes your body. He was paralyzed from his head to his toes. He spent the next three and a half months in the hospital. Our wonderful family and friends rallied around us and helped us through this hard time. My husband had to relearn how to breath, talk, eat, walk.... Everything has slowly came back except most of his feet are paralyzed. But he can walk. He is able to work, he sale homes for Candlelight Homes. For the last 2 1/2 years we have been slowly getting back to "normal life."

Mark and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary this year. :0) In the last 14 years we have had 5 kids, 5 residences, 1 snake, a ton of fish, 1 horny toad and a hamster. We have had quite an adventure.

Sorry that I can't report that I have done anything amazing or world changing. Most of the exciting things in our lives right now are the little things that have to do with the kids. Like someone getting a good grade on a test, or a tooth that has fallen out, doing good in dance or football.... But really aren't those the things that really make life wonderful! I'm very excited to see you all and can't wait to read your stories. Wishing you a wonderful 5 more years.


Celticbabe said...

What a scary time your family has had! I am so glad that your husband is doing so well. Joann, you ARE doing something amazing and world changing! You are a MOM! You are raising five beautiful children who will go out into the world and do amazing things themselves. The love you and your husband have for each other and for your children is changing the world. Thank you!
--Julie Hair Robertson

Aja said...

Amen! The importance of life is all a matter of perspective. To me, you have had a wonderful and fulfilling life :)

Aja said...

Amen! You have had a great life thus far my friend... I'm super happy for you and all your accomplishments :)

Emily Micklos said...

Well said Julie. I couldn't agree more! Joann you're superwoman :)