Aja (Bevan) Kayser Update

Hello again Lancers of 1997. The last 5 years have been good to me and I have nothing to complain about (except maybe the extra wrinkles… damn sunblock that I never used!). I remarried 4 years ago to a Handsome Prince/IT Consultant, Kipp Sorensen. I inherited two fine step sons (Brenden and Ian) and we also welcomed a new baby girl (Aliana)… Yeah! Now I will have a friend when I am old. Of course I still have my son, Keawe… didn’t want to get rid of him… And now we have a complete family of 6, and hoping for one more.

Since the last reunion we had a short-term living arrangement in Washington DC and then a year and a half in NYC, right on Wall Street. AMAZING! We are back in Utah and now reside next to the mountains in Sandy… I swore I would never leave the West Side to live with the snobby East-siders… but the mountains were calling and I found out that I was being a judgmental jerk! However,  I miss buying fresh tamales in the Walmart parking lot, Polynesian gatherings in the family garage, low-riding Honda Civics and WV bangs. Teeheehee! So here I am and I love it.

I’ve been lucky to continue owning a Personal Training and Nutrition Business (www.ajakayser.com).  I also opened another company that takes people on Fitness and Adventure Vacations to Hawaii (www.funfitnessvacations.com). Lastly, I am a contractor with a fitness equipment company, designing fitness programs for their equipment and creating workout videos. It has been great. They have sent me to Italy and more trips to come. So pretty much, I don’t use my BA in Journalism, BA in French or my MA in Intercultural Communications at all and I couldn’t be happier. Fitness just does it for me. Still biking, hiking, swimming, running, camping, motorcycling, wakeboarding, snowboarding, fracturing  bones and peeing my pants (joys of motherhood).

 I have enjoyed many vacations, as it is my passion. It’s always an adventure since I am a last-minute Joe and the Budget Queen of the Universe.  I’ve had to slow down because of that responsibility thing called, Mom.

Well friends, the bragging stops here. Thank you for listening and I honestly can’t wait to read about what you have been up to. Get’r done and see you on September 8th!   ALOHA!!

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Celticbabe said...

You are pretty amazing, Aja! It's great to hear that life is going so wonderfully well for you!