Rachel Lee Lives It Up!

Three years ago I started teaching at Ogden High school. My first teaching position was as a dance teacher/cheerleading advisor. I loved teaching dance, but I hated the cheerleading part of my job--way too much drama!

The past two years I have been teaching math and English. A very weird combination I know, but I am really enjoying it. It's good to have variety.

Last year I decided to go back for my masters degree in curriculum design and instruction. I'm about half finished with it. I will be very happy when it is over. When I'm finished, I plan on going to Europe to reward myself for all the hard work and then I'm going to buy myself a house.

I love traveling, and since graduation I have been to Hawaii twice, Taiwan, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Nashville, and a bunch of the states close to Utah. I'm still single, and probably will be for a long time, but who knows. In the mean time, I'm livin' it up.

Rachel Lee

Brian Carlson Dishes Out the Daily News!

Hey folks, here's a quick look my last 10 years. Right after graduation I left for my mission to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I spent alot of time downtown, in nearby Ottawa, and in a Canadian border town. I loved preaching the gospel. It helped me learn what's really important in life. A couple months after I got home I started classes at BYU. I quickly found out college is expensive. So, to pay off my loans, every summer I took off to sell alarm systems around the country. I lived in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Phoenix and Puerto Rico. I made alot of money real fast, but man that job was tough. I really loved college.

I graduated from BYU in 2005 with a major in Broadcast Journalism. I must of sent out hundreds of resume tapes. Finally I got a job working here in little Kennewick, Washington as a TV reporter. I've been here 2 years. It's a lot of fun, but the deadlines are unforgiving. I got promoted in March to be our Morning Anchor. My contract is over in the spring. And I'm pushing hard to come back to Salt Lake City to do the news there.

So here I am, 10 years later. Lived and worked around the country. And all I want to do is come back to Salt Lake City. There's a certain irony there.

Brian Carlson

Sari (Peterson) Stenholm-- Busy Mother of Two!

What has kept me busy since high school...mostly being a mom and a wife. My husband and I own our own construction company here in Idaho, so that keeps us pretty busy. My girls Shelbi (10) and Averi (6) take up most of my time.

Sari Stenholm

Jennifer (DeJong) Jordan Visits Guatemala!

I have 2 boys (Cortley 10 and Casey 8) and 1 girl (Alexis 3 months). I met my husband (William Jordan) when he bought the house next door to my parents in 2004. We got married on May 5, 2006 and have been married for 1 year. We are very busy running a business and raising our children. We find time to go camping and have fun with our families and friends. I went back to college a year and a half ago and am going for accounting. I live next door to my parents and I enjoy having them close by. My mother has recently beaten breast cancer. I still keep in touch with Heather Turner (Michael), Jennifer Rabe (Patee), Jonathan Kirk, Elizabeth Dale, and others. I went to Guatemala in 2002 and had a lot of fun seeing where my mother grew up and meeting the rest of her family. I have been very blessed with all the people in my life and hope the best for everyone else.

Jennifer Jordan

Sarah (Roquiero) DeTore Experiences Boston!

After high school I went to Snow College for two years and then I took a break from school and went on a European vacation with a group from Snow and came back and worked to pay for the trip. I worked at American Express eventually saving enough money to pay for the post 2 year college trip and gave myself a nice little nest egg to move to Boston, Massachusetts to continue my education at an Architecture/Interior Design school located on the historic Newbury Street in July of 2001. Interior Design, I know if you seen an episode of MTV Cribs (so I hear) it all looks so glamorous, well after working in a Boston firm for a few weeks I realized that the field was not for me so I dropped my classes for the semester before I spent even more money on something I may not want to do as a career and decided I would find a job in Boston to try and pay for a semesters worth of student loan debt. I got a job actually working with student loans ( it’s a good thing I never defaulted or I would have never been hired) I had every intention to find my way back to Utah after I paid down my debts from living in Boston, but I obviously wasn’t in too big of hurry because I started hanging out with, presently my husband of 3 ½ years then someone I met in my short days at the Boston based Architecture/Interiors Firm………..and the rest they say is history.

We got married in October of 2004 right in time to see the Red Sox win their first and only World Series. We then found out we were expecting in August of 2005 and on April 16, 2006 Easter Sunday approximately five weeks early our first born son arrived, needless to say we missed our Easter Dinner that year! We named our little boy Noah he weighed in at 6 lbs 3 oz not bad for a preemie, he was the Heavyweight Champion of the NICU! We currently live in Everett, MA a suburb of Boston I still have the same job in the student loan industry (same position, but three different companies later, for those MBA students I think I can explain that one!) except now I only work three days a week and I am fortunate enough to spend the rest of the week with my baby boy.

Sarah DeTore


Only 20 Days To Go!

We know there are many of you who look at this blog regularly that still have not submitted a questionnaire!! If you are reading this and don't have a bio posted on here yet, please click
here, fill out the questionnaire, and send it back to us at granger97@gmail.com as quickly as possible. It'll only take a few moments of your time. We have only 20 days before the reunion and we’d like as many posts on here as possible before the big event. We’ll look forward to hearing from you! Thanks a million!


Scott Francom--The Electrical Engineer!

After graduating from high school, I attended BYU for one year. I then served a mission for the LDS church to France. Tyler Adams and Julie Hair also served in my mission and it was fun to see some Lancers over there. Shortly after returning home from France, I met my wife and we continued dating at BYU. We were married in May of 2001. I graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in December of 2003. I decided to continue on with my education and received a master’s degree in electrical engineering in April of 2005 also from BYU. I work for L-3 Communications in Salt Lake City as an electrical engineer. My wife and I had our first child, Lillian, in May of 2003 and then had our second child, Alex, in July of 2005. We bought our first house about a year ago in Best Valley…I mean West Valley City.

Scott Francom


Brandie (Klaas) Cava Has Twins!

Right after high school, I moved to California. I had met my husband on AOL while still in high school. We got married the weekend after 9/11/01, and my maid of honor (Rebecca Black) couldn’t make it to the wedding due to the tragedies of the week. I was diagnosed with MS in 2002. We bought our house in 2004, and decided to start a family. I gave birth to our twins 10 weeks early in June of 2005. Thankfully, they were both very healthy preemies, and only spent 5 weeks in the hospital. Both are beautiful, crazy two year old kids. I am currently working as a Long Term Disability Claims Examiner for The Hartford. My husband works for a local home builder. When the housing market makes a change, we may end up moving to Utah. Who knows what the future holds.

I had some of the best times in high school, and can’t wait to see you all again, and meet your families!

Brandie Cava



Tammy (Isom) Alligood Starts a Business!

Since leaving High School, my life has been a whirlwind. I have lived in 3 different states and had several jobs. I have also been married twice. In 2001 I went to a Smith Family Reunion where I met my husband. We dated on and off since he lived in Washington State. In December of 2002 we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. A month after we were married I found out we were expecting our first and only child. He was born 2 1/2 months early, weighing 3lbs 1oz. and 15 inches long. He had to be in the hospital for 2 months. When Matthew was 1yrs old we moved to Virginia where my husband got a job working for a company that contracts with the government. He has worked for Northrop Grumman for 3 years. I worked for Nationwide Insurance for 3 years. I recently quit my job and am now a stay at home mom. In December of 2006 I was recruited to be a consultant selling Pampered Chef products. I really love the products and enjoy doing shows. I am also trying to get pregnant again. I'll let you know if it happens. Right now we live in Virginia in an apartment. By this time next year we will probably be in North Carolina. Northrop Grumman is opening an office out there. We plan to move with the company and buy our first house. I'm so excited.
Tammy Alligood


Joann (Scarlet) Spencer Moves Again!

For winning Listing Agent of the Year we got to go on a cruse. This was one of the formal night we went to a show after dinner

These are my beautiful children

Our family is into BYU football. On game day our whole family gets dressed up for the game. So if you are at a home game we have season tickets and are normally on the South-West side 10 yard line. Come say Hi!

This is our family picture last summer

Time flies when you're having fun! The last 10 years have been amazing. After high school I went down and cheered at Snow College for a year. That's were Mark won my heart and we were married the next spring. We managed an apartment complex for a couple of months. Then Mark decided to become a real-estate agent. We moved to a condo in West Jordan and lived there for 3 years. In 1999 we had our first child Taylor. She just turned 8 and was baptized in April. I feel old! Two years after Taylor was born our second child Miles was born. He just turned 6 years old and learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. What a big kid! A month or two after Miles was born we bought our first house in Magna. We lived there for about 3 years. Two years after Miles was born our third child Luke (Brandon) was born. (He was named after Luke Staley and Brandon Doman) He is 3 years old. Last week I sent Miles and Luke down to their bedrooms to make their beds and two minutes later I could hear Luke crying and Miles came up and said "I pushed Luke off the bed!" Needless to say Luke has a broken arm now. When Luke was a year old we moved and bought a house in West Jordan where we are living right now. Two years after Luke was born our forth child was born Drew. He is almost two. He is the happiest kid. It's all about hugs, kisses, and waving hello. He is the perfect fourth child!

Sweet sorrow we are moving again. We are building a house in South Jordan. Mark sells homes for Gordon Millar Construction. They build awesome houses and said that they would build us an awesome house! So we said sure. Our new house will be done in Nov./ Dec. Mark has been doing better and better every year in real estate. Last year he was named Listing Agent of the Year at Ulrich Realtors. We are so proud of him, and grateful that his success helps pay for my scrapbooking and my shoe collection.

It's been so fun to read every ones blogs and hear how everyone is doing. I'm so glad that the years have been good to you all! May your future be even better.

Joann Spencer

Rebecca Black Finds Her Way to New York!

At The Gates art installation in Central Park.

A lot of my good friends from Boston also made the move to NYC.

After graduation and one last study trip to Mexico with Mr. Nielson, I headed to Boston University. I had dreams of working in television production, and took courses for a Television Degree. I lived in a gorgeous brownstone overlooking the Charles River and MIT and Cambridge on the other side for all of my three years in Boston. Another GHS alum, Yen Tieu, coincidentally ended up at BU as well, so it was nice to start out with a friend from home. Boston is incredible – it is a big city that feels small, and it has a higher percentage of college students than any other city.

Because of my aspirations to be in tv production, I gained some practical experience by working on a school television show, Shadows, for two years. I began with the grunt work, constructing the set, running the video tape recorder, and operated the camera. I eventually moved up to role of Producer, and managed cast lists and call times, and organized shoots. In the summer of 1999, while home in Salt Lake, I interned in the newsroom at the local ABC affiliate KTVX. It was valuable experience, but in the end I determined that local news did not much appeal to me.

Yen Tieu visited me in NYC... here we're checking out the skyline view fromthe Metropolitan Museum of Art rooftop.

Immediately after graduation, my mom and I took the train to New York, where she stayed with me over the summer while I searched for a job. I got lucky and ended up with an assistant job in the regional affiliate sales office for Disney Channel. I never thought I’d work in sales, but I found a second home at my office on Park Avenue (now we’re in Times Square) and never felt compelled to go back to production. I was promoted to Sales Coordinator in 2002, and in late 2004 when we merged sales groups with ESPN, I was promoted to Account Executive for Disney/ESPN Media Networks. My clients include a number of mid-sized cable operators in the Eastern US, and I have had the opportunity to travel all over the US and to the Caribbean, also part of my territory. I am currently President of the Caribbean Chapter of CTAM, an industry organization for cable marketing.

With One Life to Live's John-Paul Lavoisier at a SOAPnet event.

Between personal and work travel, I have been to 33 states, plus Puerto Rico, Aruba, St. Kitts, and Mexico. Vacations in the past few years have also taken me to Germany, Prague, London, and Paris. I love seeing other cultures, witnessing civilizations far older than our own, and of course tasting different cuisines! I believe it’s important to venture away from what you know, as getting to know other places and people is an invaluable opportunity. Next on my list are Italy, Spain, and Egypt, to name a few.

I’ve been living on NYC’s Upper East Side since 2001. I love New York, but don’t necessarily think I’ll live here forever. We’ll see! No husband or kids yet, just my adorable, mischievous orange cat Caramelo. It has been great reading everyone’s updates here. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again at the reunion!

Becky Black


Michelle (Gines) Powell Keeps Parties Hoppin' as a DJ!

I married my soul mate, Russ Powell, in October 1999, and together we have two kids, Allison and Samuel. Allison was born in 2003, and Samuel was born in 2006. We bought the house that I grew up in. My husband and I started our own DJ business, and we've had such tremendous success that we are booked a year in advance for some weddings!

Michelle Powell

Michele (Huntsman) Howey Corresponds!

Hi Friends! It hardly seems like it’s been ten years, it feels like ten minutes. My husband and I live in Layton. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple December 5, 1998. We have three kids, Briton 7, Alex 4, and our baby Kaitlyn is 18 months. Besides being a mom, I'm also a correspondent for The Standard Examiner, the newspaper in Davis and Weber County. I cover city council meetings (I love the politics), do a little spot news, and also features. I have a passion for it, and can work from home, so it's perfect for me. I don't know why I stopped writing after High School other than I just didn't have time. So last year, I said why not? and I've been writing ever since. I've even had a few stories go AP (associated press) and go nationwide. I'm also working on a few other projects that I hope to publish one day.

I met my wonderful husband a year after high school. It was love at first sight. We were engaged in a week, and married in three months. No, I did not marry the missionary I was waiting for, for those of you that knew me well. I was not expecting to go in such a different direction than I had planned in High School, but I wouldn't change a thing. Chris is amazing. I love him so much. He is my best friend as well as a fantastic father and husband. He works as a building engineer for Verizon Business, formally MCI.

We owned and I ran a sandwich shop and video store a few years ago, which we had to sell because of some health problems I was having. After a surgery earlier this year, I’m much better, and we plan to go back into business this next year.

We love to go to the lake, ride wave-runners, and play in our backyard with our kids. We’ve had our trials of health problems, illness and struggle, but on a whole we're very blessed, pretty darn happy, and life has been good to us.

Michele Howey

Kind of an interesting side note... My husband has a Granger connection that is part of our love story.

My husband Chris worked for the old Q99 as a DJ during his high school years before he left on his mission. (Think Breakfast Bunch, Scottie and Mcormick from back in the day) He DJ'd the very first dance of our Sophomore year, the one at the tennis courts that Shack shut down when it started to rain. The funny thing is we remembered each other from that years later, when we met.

As a nerdy Sophomore I showed up early for the dance and was standing around waiting for everything to start while this skinny blonde guy in a Q99 shirt was running around setting up equipment. Our eyes met, and we smiled at each other. When we met later, he swore he knew me from somewhere, and as we talked and he found out I was from Granger, he asked if I had come to the dance that night.

When I said I had, he asked, "You weren't there early by chance, long curly hair, wearing a purple shirt?" I couldn't believe he remembered that! "Yes I was," I said. It was then I remembered him as the skinny guy setting up the equipment. He said he had noticed me, thought I was cute, and had even looked for me later wanting to dance with me, but couldn't find me. I was deeply touched, and that little story helped land him a wife.


Annie (Griffith) Miller Get's Gephardt!

After graduating from Granger, I headed to Southern Utah University for two years where I had the privilege of becoming Miss SUU, which gave me a scholarship to pay for my schooling. I came back to Salt Lake to finish my education at the University of Utah. I graduated in Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in chemistry (I know, Annie, make up your mind!) During this time, I was also lucky enough to become Miss West Valley, which paid for the rest of my college. I was also able to place in the top 10 at the Miss Utah pageant. After graduating, and working briefly for Fox 13, I got a job at the KUTV assignment desk, basically as a grunt, ambulance chasing. It may not have been the most glamorous job I’ve ever had, but it was definitely the most stressful, fun and interesting. I learned so much. After a year there, I spent two years writing the “Get Gephardt” segment. I loved my job as an investigative producer. I had so much fun chasing down bad guys with cameras and then splattering their stories all over the news.

I met my husband, Mike in 2000. He's from California. We were married in 2002, and have a 2 1/2 year old son Braden and I'm 6 months pregnant with a baby girl we will name Grace. Since the babies started to arrive I have been a stay-at-home mom which has been every bit as exciting as my time at the news station--just different. We moved to Phoenix in 2006 and Mike has started his own company here. We are doing well and feel very blessed. I have had a great 10 years since high school and will miss seeing all of you at the reunion. We hope you are well and good luck in the future. Hopefully we'll see you in the next 10! U2 still rules!

Annie Miller

Jennaca Tesch--The Super Hero!

Hello classmates! So here’s the low down on my past 10 years:

Right after graduation, I went up to Utah State University. Loved it! I got my B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Communications, and was voted the most outstanding senior in my department by the Comm department staff. I always dreamed of becoming a news broadcaster, but my dreams have morphed into… I’m not sure, but something else.

After dating him for 3 years, I married my ex-husband in 2001. That was a dismal failure and we separated after just 11 months. I wanted to get away from the situation, so I went to Northern California to visit an old college roommate. With the company of just 2 suitcases, I transferred my whole life here.

I’m a workaholic. It’s a problem. Right now I have 4 jobs, which is a downgrade from 5 that I held for a while. During the week, I do advertising full time at a marketing company. About 3 nights a week, I am server at a restaurant. Around 2002, I opened up a wedding videography business (http://www.infinityvideography.com/) and have been shooting and editing wedding DVDs ever since. I also coach high school varsity cheerleading. Although the cheerleaders and their parents can be a total pain in the butt, they are also keep me energized, creative, and young. Coaching provides me great fulfillment. I’ve taken four cheer teams to cheerleading national championships, but no 1st place trophies on the national level… yet.

More than two years ago I met the love of my life, James. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! It was nearly love at first sight. I was more enamored with him than I was with the convertible Mustang that he sold me! We plan on getting married at some point. I don’t have much patience for children and am not planning on having kids any time soon, but maybe one day.

That’s my life in a nutshell. It’s not as exciting as some of thing things you all have been doing, but it’s so interesting to see how far I’ve come and how far I have yet to go.

I won't be able to attend the reunion because I am contracted to shoot a couple of weddings that weekend, but I hope to see you all in another 10 years!

Jennaca Tesch

Conrad Lund--Airforce Pilot!

Hi everybody! 10 years already. I've been kinda busy. After high school I did a year at the U before my mission to Japan. After returning I finished up with a degree in Japanese and an Asian studies minor May of 03. Completely useless but that didn't matter. I just needed a degree to get the job that I have now.

I comissioned as an officer in the Air Force and went to Wichita Falls, Tx. for pilot training. I graduated pilot training in November 2004 and was sent to my current assignment flying the B-52 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Who'd of thought I would be flying a Nuclear bomber.

Currently I'm in Guam and will be here until mid October and will be unable to make it to the Reunion. I just found out that my next assignment will be to South Korea for a year. Its been adventurous and I look forward to more great experiences.

Conrad Lund



Joseph Jensen Marries a "Hot" School Teacher!

After high school I headed off to BYU for school where I majored in Economics. I did the whole mission thing to Brazil, Londrina. I spent the last few years working at an investment bank and then last year I decided to go back to school and I'm currently getting my MBA at BYU.

While I was working I met this hot school teacher and convinced her that I was cool enough to marry. We got married in 2005 and have been living in various places around Utah. We have a beautiful daughter Sophie Jo. I have enjoyed reading the few posts here and hope to see many of you. I see people occasionally and love to hear the latest news. Tchau

Joseph Jensen

Missy (Miller) & Allen Ackerson--Police Officer of the Year!

After high school Allen went up to Jackson Hole to work and save for his mission to Australia (Vietnemese Speaking) and Missy attended the SLCC and worked at Hunter High School. After his mission, Allen went down to CEU for a semester as we planned our wedding. We got married June 15th of 2000 in the Salt Lake Temple. The next few years Allen worked and went to school to get a Criminal Justice Degree. Missy worked full-time to support him and then they got pregnant with their first child. Carson is now 5 and will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall.

After Carson was born Missy was diagnosed with Lupus and was told she wouldn't be able to have more children. After many different doctors, tests, and drugs we were given the go ahead to try for another baby. Ellie was born April 7th of 2004. Shortly after her birth Allen graduated from the Police Academy and was offered a job from the Centerville Police Department in Davis County.

We moved up to North Salt Lake and plan on being here for some time. Allen loves being a Police Officer and has excelled quite a bit in the short time he has worked there. In January he was named Police Officer of the year. Missy enjoys being home with her two munchkins and loves to see them learning new things.

Allen & Missy Ackerson

Kara Ogden Just Got Engaged!

So the past ten years, eh? After high school I went to Snow College and then up to Utah State. I attended there a year and a half and then went on a mission to Canada Montreal, Spanish speaking! All those years of French in high school really paid off! After my mission I graduated from Utah State with a Dual Major in Elementary Educatation and Early Childhood Education. I taught kindergarten for two years in Logan. Then I moved down to Salt Lake and taught 2nd grade for about 2 months when my principal asked me to switch jobs and become the Reading Specialist for our school. I have been the Reading Specialist the past two years now. I love it! I recently got engaged to Cory Telford. YEAH! He's great. We'll be married this October.

Kara Ogden


Aja (Bevan) Kayser Travels the World!

After graduating, I moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii. I was a dancer for the University and received scholarship to jump around in tights (yeah for me!). I graduated with two bachelors degrees: Broadcast Journalism and French. I then sold all my possessions and moved to France to be a bum....What a life! I took French classes, snowboarded, played guitar and gallivanted around the world with me, myself, my snowboard, my backpack and I for a year.

I returned to Hawaii for a while until I decided that I needed to get a little more education…that I may or may not use. So, I moved to London and attended the University of Luton, where I received a Masters Degree in Intercultural Communications (yes, it's a mouthful). I met a guy there who moved back to Hawaii with me and we had the best thing that ever happened to me, my son: Keawe!!!! His dad and I have since separated but we are friends and love nothing more than to see our little monster...well, become more of a monster.

Two years ago, I moved to Salt Lake City, where I bought a house in Taylorsville and now reside with my little man. I run my own business as a Personal Trainer. I love, love, love my job and enjoy working with people to change the quality of their lives and the lives of the people around them. This job has also allowed me to be a single mom who gets to spend a lot of time with her kid. I love it! I always thought I would be a working woman in high power, but hey, other things take priority AND sometimes you find out that what you dream is not really what you want or need.

I love my son. I love life. I love to dance. I love music. I love playing the guitar. I love spending time with my family. I love being on the lake. I love snowboarding. I love cycling. I love going to the gym. I love playing sports. I love laughing. I love having get-togethers with my friends. I love smiling. I love being positive. I love being loved. I love the ocean. I love Hawaii. I love people. I love hot weather. I love live bands. I love festivals. I love color. I love being me. So there you have it. Now you know me! :0)

Aja Kayser Bevan