Allen & Missy (Miller) Ackerson Update

Has it really been 5 years since our last update?!

Allen still works for the City of Centerville. He is now a Detective and mostly sits at a desk, which he really dislikes. He occasionally picks up extra shifts just so he can get out on the streets and patrol again. We do enjoy the regular hours he now has and he is able to make it to most of the kids' extra activities. He is still receiving awards for his work in his department. He has been the "Sharp Shooter" for the past 3 years among many other awards.

Missy has been teaching preschool in our home for the past 4 years and absolutely loves it. All the neighborhood kids call her Miss Missy and love to give her hugs and tell her stories. She loves toting our two children, Carson 10 and Ellie 8, to their different activities. Life revolves around baseball, softball, piano, basketball, scouts and a lot more. We recently put in our adoption papers and are waiting for another baby. Yes, we know we will be starting over with the diapers and late nights, but we believe our family is not yet complete.

In 2010 Missy's kidney's shut down and she spent the month of April in the LDS hospital. Once out of the hospital she had a pretty quick recovery and is now feeling great! We are all loving life and can't wait to hear about everyone else.

Allen and Missy (Miller) Ackerson


Aja said...

I love that you wrote for each other! Can't wait to see you guys and glad life is good for you!

Spencer family said...

So fun to hear that you are doing well!! Your family is so cute! What exciting new about try to adopt!! Good luck I know that baby will truly blessed to be a part of your family!!

Celticbabe said...

It is good to hear that you are all healthy and doing well. You have a beautiful family! :)
--Julie Hair