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Scott Pearson Fires It Up!

I headed to Snow College for a year and found out that it really wasn't for me, however during that time I started to work as an EMT on their volunteer ambulance. I was also set up on a blind date, with a girl named Melanie, we really hit it off and dated for almost a year before we got married in Feb '99. During the summer after college I got a job with Gold Cross Ambulance in Salt Lake and really started to love that. We bought a house in Layton, where my wife is from, I got enrolled in Paramedic School sponsored by Gold Cross.

We found out we were going to have a baby who ended up being a little girl we named Makayla in June '01. I got a part-time job with the Layton Fire Department in March '02-I'm still there. About three years later we had another little girl, Alyssa, in November '04. After 6 1/2 years with Gold Cross I got a Full-time job with West Valley Fire Department in July '05-so I'm right back where I started. In April we had our newest addition a boy, Matthew, and we moved both in the same week! Now we live on the "west-side" of Layton-they don't have a clue how to do it up here! That's me in a nutshell.

Scott Pearson



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Where were you when you found out about the attacks of 9/11? Leave a comment and let us know!


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Jared Cornwall Moves to Seattle!

Here's a brief summary of the past 10 years of my life: I slowly made my way through SLCC when I was not too busy snowboarding or Scuba diving. The diving has turned me into a world traveler. I finally got serious about school and ended up graduating from the U of U in Graphic Design. After graduating I moved to Sacramento to chase down a woman. Her name is Nicole, we have been dating for almost 6 years and recently got engaged. Sacramento was fine but... actually, I don't like Sacramento much. Luckily the company I am working for just moved me to the Seattle area. I really like it here.

Jared Cornwall


Duane Thorup--The Apprentice!

Dear Lancers,

I wanted to tell each of you reading this how my experience with the reunion picnic was. I regret my wife and I were unable to attend the dance and I wanted to be there so much but we had family obligations to attend to. I would like to say that being at the picnic was a little bit of heaven for me. I mean this with all my heart because I experienced joy at being there and being with those who I grew up with going to school. There was no other place I wanted to be at the moment. It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces and to see so many of you had been doing well with your lives, families and careers. It was good to hear of your experiences since we last met and to know you are well. I was also pleased to hear from those who may have had a rough time since graduation yet were striving to get themselves back on their feet. Prayers are answered. When we left the picnic and saw others leaving I was sad because I knew, for many of us, it would be a long time before we would meet again. I know all of us will meet again someday. I look forward to that time and hope all of you choose to make the best of your lives.

I would like to fill in the large gaps I left behind in my first submission to the blog. Here it goes:

After graduation I went to work in construction with my uncle at the Flying J refinery and at Alliantech (used to be Bacchus and Hercules). There I had it easy in school. The winter of 1999-2000 I submitted paperwork to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Soon I received a call to serve in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mission. I left in the spring of 1998. During the mission I served in Aston, PA; Harrington, Delaware; Pottsville, PA ; West Philadelphia and Roslyn, PA Areas. The experience was life changing, though I regret, I could have been much better prepared for such an undertaking and would have served others far better had I done so. After coming home in the spring of 2000 I went to college at SLCC. I spent a semester in the engineering program and then changed my major to business management and did that for a semester. I also attended the Institute at SLCC. While attending college, I had many good and not so good experiences. I put college on hold in January of 2001 and went to work at a cabinet mill for three months, which was a terribly monotonous and dangerous job( yes, I still have all my fingers). In March I took a job as an apprentice in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration trade. Before I accepted the job, my uncle, who apprised me of the job, told me all about it. He said,"you will be dealing with high pressure gases, deep vacuums,toxic chemicals, caustic chemicals, explosive gases, asphyxiating gases, extreme noise, hot and cold working conditions, cramped spaces, ladders and extreme heights, high voltage electricity and you will get paid well after getting experience.” So I said,"sounds like an adventure to me, where do I sign up?” There are days I wish I had never signed up but I cannot complain that this job has been an adventure in many ways and has kept me in good shape. It was also during this time I decided to attend the Singles Ward and it was there I met my future wife, Chreslie.

Up to that point my dating life after high school had been one frustration after another. I was to a point where I was about ready to give up all together, at least for a long time and just go back to college. While at the singles ward I dated a couple of other girls without any success, during which time I was friends with Chreslie. In June, I decided to take Chreslie out and it was all over from there. I proposed marriage in July and we were married in the Salt Lake Temple on November 1st, 2001. Our weddingday was perfect. We stayed in an apartment in Kearns for a year and then we stayed at her parents home to house sit for them while they served a mission in Chattanooga, TN. During that time we had our first child, Alexandria. I was continuing to work with the same company up until they laid me off in the fall of 2004 while wewere expecting our next two children. I spent the next six weeks trying to find a job in the same trade but with no success. I did find a job after the Holidays at another outfit that did the same thing as my last job, except my job position was that of parts and warehouse manager. Basically I got to sit at a desk and order parts for the technicians and keep the warehouse clean and organized and take care of shipping and receiving. In March we had our next two children, Hyrum and Hannah. The Following August we moved to Tooele to rent a home from my Brother and Sister in-law for a year.The parts manager job did not pay well and I finally got laid off in February of 2006, while expecting our fourth child. I got a job with the same Uncle I worked for after high school working at the Flying J and Chevron oil refineries doing more hard labor for six more months.

Initially they started me out working with the electricians then they moved me onto the carpenters crew building and setting form work and pouring and finishing concrete. In August my Brother and sister-in- law decided to move back into their home in Tooele and so we had to move back with my wife's parents. I also decided to get back into the HVACR trade since I had over three and a half years of my time invested in it. I found a job with a small residential HVAC company in West Valley that made every effort to teach me how tolie to and cheat customers at every opportunity (I don't think the company exists any more). After three months of the boss yelling at me and unfulfilled promises of job training and benefits and working long hours for little pay, I finally quit and finished getting the certification I needed to make me marketable as an HVAC technician. I found a job two weeks after quitting up in the Ogden area and have been employed there ever since. I am reasonably happy at my current job. We are still living in West Valley City with my In-Laws and are working to get out of medical debt(kids are really expensive to have). We hope to be homeowners in the next couple of years. Eventually, I hope to be able to go back to college and learn how to do something that doesn't require so much wear and tear on my body. I look back and have many regrets about how I treated others and myself yet I know I can look forward, with the wisdom I have gained from the “School of hardknocks”, and have hope for a better, happier future for myself and my family.

Duane Thorup



For the best viewing experience, pause the blog's music (the slideshow has groovy music of its own) and turn up your speakers. Thanks again to all those that sent in pictures! I can still add photos to the slideshow, so send them along if you'd like. Enjoy!


1. Fertile Myrtle: who has had the most kids in 10 years? Joann (Scarlet) Spencer (4), Joe May (5) & Michelle Harris (5)
2. Future Bill Gates: who is the most accomplished? Troy Ostler
3. High School Lovin’: high school sweethearts are still going strong? Allen and Missy Ackerson
4. Brauns to Brains: what jock has turned in his/her jersey for schooling? Scott Francum
5. West-Side Einstein: who has the most education? Ari Bruening
6. Travel’n Fool: who spends their hard-earned money on traveling the world? Johnny Pease
7. I wish I had his/her job: who has the most envied job? Brian Carlson
8. Late bloomers: who is the most eligible bachelor?Mat Pett
9. Late bloomers: who is the most eligible bachelorette? Aja Kayser
10. Hats are a man’s best friend: who has a little less hair than in high school? Kenny Newton
11. Same Story: who has changed the least since high school? Todd Barfuss
12. Still Looking Good (Female): Mindi (Millgate) Martin
13. Still Looking Good (Male): Josh Walden


Some Words From the Fabulous Aja!

Hello Lancers,
Thanks for the awesome turnout. Looks like we had 250 people in the day portion and 120 at the night! Yeah Lancers!

Many thanks to the committee (listed in alphabetical order as to not thank one more than the other):

Brian Carlson
Erin Hinckley
Kenny Newton
Katie Potts
David Pulsipher
Diana VanOrden

And to others who donated their time, talents, prizes and games:

Tasha Bevan
Rebecca Black
Jodi Bodenhoffer and Sister
Stephanie Hymas
Heidi Raddon
Joanne Scarlet
Wendy Wariner

Lots of smiles, lots of pretty dresses, lots of fun and lots of freek'n kids (man you guys work fast!).

Please feel free to continue to send your blogs in or update it whenever you like. And don't forget to pass the word along and pester your friends to get their act together and get posted!

Once again, thanks for all the support. Thanks for coming. Thanks for sharing your stories. See you at the 15 year reunion! If you would like to be a part of the committee, please contact:

Aubrey (Thompsen) Augirre- President

Kelli (Neilson) Peterson- Vice President

Katie (Potts) Cameron- Secretary

They would be more than happy to have your help!!! Do your part!

Kisses to all and adios until we are 33-years-old!

Aja Bevan

Angela (Christensen) Snedaker Marries Her FHE Brother!

Name: Angela Dawn Christensen Snedaker
Spouse: Brandon Varr Snedaker

Where You Two Met: Brandon and I met at Ricks College in January 1999. He was my Family Home Evening brother. We would go swing dancing and rock climbing together. He finally asked me out and we have been inseperable since. During college I studied voice and violin. After I graduated from Ricks, he moved to Salt Lake to work with me for the summer, and we got married on August 21st, 1999. We went back to Rexburg for a year to finish his shooling, and then spent the next 4 years in Provo while he went to school at BYU and I worked for a dental software company. We had 2 kids during that time, and then Brandon landed a job in Seattle with Boeing as a manufacturing engineer. We have lived in the Seattle area for nearly 3 years now. We just celebrated our 8th anniversary, and we're expecting our 3rd baby in December.

Our oldest child is Owen. He is four and will be 5 in March. Sadie will be 3 next month. "Feed Dog", as our kids have christened the baby, is due in December, and we have decided to be surprised regarding the gender. I am a stay-at-home mom (ie house slave, ha ha), which I love. I'm still not tired of wearing pjs all day. Just kidding. I am the Primary President in my ward at church. I crave creativity, Cold Stone ice cream, and a full night's sleep. My greatest accomplishment (lately) is potty-training my daughter. I love living in Renton (20 minutes south of Seattle) - there is never a shortage of things to do and places to go. I miss being close to family and friends, but life has never been better.

My favorite memories from high school are being in Madrigals, Jeannie Nelson, best friends Julianne and Becca (love you!), "Drama for Your Llama", Nick Nielsen's belly bagel, wearing pjs and curlers to school, yelling at Ms. Woodward, musicals and plays, water aerobics, playing jokes on Mr. Crooks, getting soaked at football games, Mr. Riley reading to us from the tabloids durig trig, sleeping in nearly every class I took, etc...

I refuse to share my most embarrassing moments since high school, as there have been too many, but I will share that what I am most proud of since then is marrying my hot man who makes beautiful children. I love my family!!

I totally missed the reunion because of less-than-desirable travel circumstances, but I miss you all and hope you had an awesome time!

Angie Snedaker


LAST CALL FOR REUNION PICS! The reunion slideshow is almost finished, but I need a few more pictures, especially of the evening event! Please send your pictures to granger97@gmail.com ASAP. The video will be posted by August 25th so stay tuned!


Matt Hood--Lovin' Life!

What is up Granger?! Reunion was good; it was great to see people I haven’t seen for a while. Good work guys. Its funny how over 10 years either people change a lot, or not at all! Anyways, a quick history… After graduating from beloved Granger High, I went to Snow for a semester before leaving on a mission to Bolivia, Cochabamba. That was awesome. Came home, messed around, dated, went to school and then I met might beautiful wife! Liz and I met in January of 2001 in Park City. She went to Copper Hills and was on the dance team. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple in July of the same year. I continued school at SLCC and then went to the U, Go Utes! We have 3 beautiful girls: Makenna (4), Hannah (2), and Alexa (3 weeks). All girls, all the time!

I am a sales rep for Lake City International. I’ve been there for 4 years, I absolutely love it. Liz stays home battling the girls. We live in Riverton, we built our home about 10 months ago. We love it out there.

We love boating, camping, traveling and being with our kids. We’ve been to the Bahamas, Cancun, Alaska and other places, but we definitely prefer Lake Powell to anything. In 2005, in my spare time, I played on a local arena league football team for a season. It was fun, but the risk isn’t worth it.

Hey, life’s been good. Good to see a lot of you at the reunion! SST where are you?

Matt Hood


Krissi (Diston) Roberts-- Where She Is today....

I am happy to share with everyone an update on my life. Brett and I were married back in 2005 and just celebrated our two-year anniversary. As you may recall we met when I was a senior in high school and dated on and off for a while and then 4 years ago we decided to move into together and the rest is history. We live in West Jordan, UT where we built our home. We love to work in the yard and entertain friends with BBQ's and poker tournaments. We are big Jazz fans, love to play Texas Holdem, and enjoy traveling (especially cruising). I work at CompHealth and have been there for three years. I am on the Surgery team, where I recruit physicians for hospitals. As for children... Brett and I are trying, but in the meantime, our dog Tacoma keeps us busy.

Krissi Roberts


Granger High, Better Than Apple Pie
Sung to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”
(written by Diana, tweaked by Aja)

Senior Breakout, Homecoming, Harvest Ball, New Building
Basketball games, Excaliburs, Student I.D., and Cheerleaders
Writing essays, AP Tests, is there any time for rest?
Best friends, going on dates, stalkers that you can’t escape
Taco Tuesday, Tri-Color Times, Jeanie’s math class, Accolade rhymes
Principal Stevens, PTA, registration is today
Madrigals, TA’s, report cards, even days
Sterling Scholar, Jazz band, powdered soap to wash your hands

We didn’t go to Hunter
We went to Granger High
That’s better than apple pie
We didn’t go to Hunter
And we’ll always remember
The school days of September

Eat in Stonehenge, hall pass, time to take a nap in class
Honors Class-Skills for Success, Crap! She bought the same prom dress
Red gym, blue gym, school spirit, crush on him
Squashmores, getting B’s, will you sign my yearbook please?
Counselors who care, look at Todd Barfus’ hair
Social studies, baseball, making-out in the hall
Lancer Line, G-Pin, eat school lunch, tardy again
Class officers, spring break, Valley vs. West Lake

Track team, lettering-make sure you wear your class ring
Book reports, chemistry, bathroom’s locked-I gotta pee
Pass a class without a hitch, watch out for the seminary ditch
West-side pride, art show, there’s the bell, I gotta go
Tennis team, GTV, orchestra and assemblies
Key club, de-bate, football team goes to state
Volleyball, textbooks, Mr. Bennion’s lunch-time looks
Sir Lancer, bathroom pass, Delton Lanes during class

Driver’s Ed, dating hassles, playing Risk in Van Tassel’s
Homework, SBO’s, Sock Hop, let’s see those toes
Sluffing classes, school bus ride, taking all the stress in stride
Pass a note, gotta go, D’you like me? Check yes or no
After-school jobs, detention, college applications
Dave Crim, stage on fire, parking lot dips, watch your tires
Let’s be in the school play, find a costume, MORP’s today
Football team’s got the blues… oops, we made national news
Stage crew, wrestling, textbooks, choir sings
Sadie’s Hawkins, swim team, lunch from the vending machine
T.A.K., UEA, can’t wait for the end of the day
French club, Senior Ball, Yes I work at the mall
Early morning practice, Ari got a thirty-six
Graduate, Abravenal’s doors, I can’t take it anymore!
We didn’t go to Hunter
We went to Granger High
That’s better than apple pie
We didn’t go to Hunter
But when we are gone
Our memories will live on, and on, and on, and on…..



We wanted to thank everyone for your donations on behalf of Jared Graham and Jodi Boddenhoffer. Because of your generosity, we raised $150 to give to each of them. Also, because of the great turnout, Aja had enough money to give each of them an additional $150 for a total of $300 each! We want you to know, Jared and Jodi, that our hearts go out to you in love and hope this money helps provide for the needs of your sweet families.



WANTED: REUNION PICTURES!!! Please send any and all pictures taken at the reunion to granger97@gmail.com by August 25th! I will be compiling them into a fun video and posting it to this very blog for you to view and enjoy! If you have any questions, leave a comment. Thanks so much! ~Erin (Hinckley) Miller



Here is the down-low on the fun activities planned for our 10-year reunion being held this Saturday, August 18th. First off we need RSVP's from EVERYONE, even if you are planning to pay at the door. Email your RSVP to Aja at ajakayser@hotmail.com ASAP.

The Day Activity will be held at the West Valley City Park on 3500 South and 4500 West from 11:00am-1:00pm (cost: $5 per family). Please bring your own picnic and a yummy dessert to share! We have a fun-filled afternoon planned for the entire family with events including: an inflatable water slide for the kiddies (be sure they bring their swimsuits and sunscreen), face painting, a bean bag toss, a relay race, a pinata, 3-legged races, a balloon toss, a chocolate eating contest, a carry your own husband contest, and a wheelbarrow your wife contest. There will be a photographer at the park to take family pictures (cost: approximately $10-$20 depending on size--be sure to bring cash or check for this). Also, a fabulous Reunion Yearbook will be available for purchase (cost:$8) during the day activity and the evening event.

The Evening Event will be held in Stonehenge (the Granger High Cafeteria) from 7:00-10:00pm (cost: $25 per person at the door, unless you've already paid). We will be having a good ol' fashion homecoming prom (attire: cocktail dress, Sunday best, gowns, tuxes, or ties) so look your best! Dinner will no longer be served, but a lavish dessert and fruit bar will be available throughout the evening. There will also be a memorabilia table and a silent auction table (please bring your old photo albums of candid moments, old school head shots, or dance pictures to display and any items you'd like to be auctioned off). All proceeds from the auction will go towards our next reunion. A photographer will also available to take "prom" pictures throughout the evening (cost: $10-$20 depending on size--again be sure to bring cash or check for this). Your picture will be given to you right then and there. There will also be a fun show showcasing talents from our fellow classmates, a slide show of our old school photos and the recent photos posted to the blog....and of course, dancing to groovy 90's music all night long!!

Following the reunion, a Reunion Video is going to be posted to the blog of all of the fun pictures taken! Please email any pictures you take at the reunion to granger97@gmail.com by August 25th.

It's going to be a blast and we look forward to seeing each of you there! If you have any questions, leave a comment or contact Aja at ajakayser@hotmail.com or 718-6057.

See below for new posts!!


Amy (Pinkerton) Petrie Hopes to Adopt!

After graduation I enrolled in the UCC BIG mistake. I studied sports medicine, I completed the course but never finished the internship. After that I needed to bring in some money so I just started working at ZCMI, turned out to work there a little longer than I expected.
I dated around for a while after four years of that I finally met my match. We met at a dance at the University of Utah and didn't leave each other's side the whole night. We dated for 11 months then he asked in December in front of the Salt Lake Temple. We've been married now four years, no kids. We've been working on adoption for the past year, but still waiting. We plan to foster, maybe do foster/adoption.

I don't work, basically have to keep myself stress free. I've been in and out of the hospital for the last four years, I've come a day away from passing on, but I'm a fighter and got through it.

Amy Petrie

Karen (Chesnut) Ford Joins the Marine Corps!

After we graduated I joined the Marine Corps and went to Boot Camp in Aug 1997. I graduated in November and after my schools I was stationed in Japan. I lived there for 15 months where I met my husband Michael-who is also a Marine. We left Japan in August 1999 and came to San Diego. We got married on Dec 3, 1999. On November 16, 2000 we had our first daughter Alixandra. I got out of the Marines and I stayed home with my daughter.

In June 2002 we moved to South Carolina where my husband was a Marine Corps Drill Instructor. On Aug 22, 2002, we had our second daughter Aja. In August 2005 we moved back to San Diego which is where we live now and my husband left for his first tour in Iraq (8 months). It is very hard to take care of the house and 2 little ones and not know when the next time you hear from your husband will be. But we made it and he came home in April 2006. He left again for his second tour in Iraq on March 12, 2007. Here we go again! He is "suppose" to come home in October-so we are keeping our fingers crossed there isn't an extension.

I have a job that I love working as a manager dealing with Corporate Property Management here in Diego. I love it but sometimes I wish I could stay home with my girls. But with my baby starting Kindergarten this year-and I am home before they get home from school-it doesn't make a lot of sense.

The military is moving us to Okinawa Japan in May of 2008 for 3 years. That will be a big change especially for the girls, but the military life is all I know as an adult so I really don't think I would do too well without it (Smile).

Karen Ford



Jeff & Kelli (Neilson) Petersen Look For Deer!

Wow how the 10 years has flown by. After high school I went up to USU where I only stayed a semester. Jeff asked me to marry him and from then on we we're inseperable. We got married Dec. 4th 1998 and Jeff continued to do concrete work with his Dad and brothers. I graduated from Cosmetology School in Sept. 2000 and am still doing hair today. We have lived in our Herriman home for 3 years. We love it out here. Jeff built a salon in our basement where I now am juggling work and play & raising our 3 beautiful children Taitem (4 1/2), Jett (2), and Boston our miracle baby (3 months). Jeff is working so hard for our family and has finally got his dream truck. We love going to look for deer as a family and who ever finds one gets $5 bucks. I also love seeing the girlies once a month, or every other in my case, but they are so wonderful and have made these ten years better than ever. It has been so great to see how the 10 years has been for all of you.

Jeff & Kelli Petersen

Josh Walden--The Body Building Engineer!

I have really enjoyed reading all the bios and seeing what everyone has been doing! It makes me wonder what I have been doing all this time? I guess I have just been working hard for 10 years so I can hopefully play for the next 10. We'll see. I got a couple of associates degrees after a great mission in Washington state. One was for a pre-med degree and the other an associates in engineering. I decided I'd think my way through school rather than memorize, so I got the bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the UofU. There I was the VP of the Chemical Engineer chapter, and captain of a team of engineers that designed a car that ran on only chemical reaction. Our car took 9th place in the nation in Austin TX.

I was working as a manager at a Home Depot during school, and after the engineering degree began working for an engineering firm in Salt Lake. After a year I went back to school and will finish my MBA in a couple months. I took the LSAT on a whim, and was ready to go for a JDMBA for patent law when I decided to buy out a portion of the company I worked for. I now own and operate a small engineering firm with about 10 employees at current. We design and build equipment to take sulfur out of the atmosphere, so basically I am a nerd! I guess for fun I have done some river rafting, wakeboarding, building race cars and houses, a bit of travel and a run or two at body building when I'm not broken or off a surgery of some sort!! Looking forward to moving on to the better things in life and to seeing all of you!

Josh Walden

Trinity McDermaid--Engaged to be Married in Hawaii!

Hello fellow Lancers! After High School I attended the University of Utah where I worked toward a major in Exercise and Sport Science. My first year at the U I made the cheerleading squad and met a ton of great people. After cheering I applied to the Athletic Training Program and was one of 12 students that were excepted. During my 2 year internship in this program I worked with the Football team and Women's Soccer. As an Athletic Trainer I provided medical care to injured athletes, physical therapy, and assisted with injury prevention. I got to know the athletes very well and truly enjoyed working with them. I graduated from the U in 2001 and accepted a job with Don Joy Orthopedics as a medical device sales representative. I sold medical devices for 3 years before I decided to switch career paths. I currently work for TEKsystems, the nations leading technology execution company (sales pitch :) ) where I am an account manager/ sales representative.

In 2002 I met my fiancé, Lance Paulson. We have been dating for 5 years and recently became engaged. We plan to marry in Hawaii in May 2008. We have two lovely English Bulldogs, Daisy and Gus. ( I think they both hate me due to the picture that is attached). Lance was in the Cellular phone industry for 7 years and assisted in starting one of the most successful wireless retailers in Utah. After 7 years he too chose to switch career paths and recently joined the American Family Insurance team. He will be opening his own agency in January of 2008. Life has been fun and exciting since High School. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday night!

Trinity McDermaid

Eric & Tammy (Felman) Fontana Settle in Riverton!

I have to admit it… I am addicted to this website!! I love seeing everyone and hearing about what you’ve been up to for the last ten years. After graduation, Eric and I continued to date. I went to school at SLCC and then to SUU. I started working for Washington Mutual Bank as a teller, loan officer, and later a manager at the West Jordan office. Eric worked for a company called RSD for about 7 years until he was recruited by his current employer. He works for US Air Conditioning and is the manager for their Orem branch. He has been very successful and has grown a ton in this position. We got married Aug. 21, 2001 and bought our first home that same year.

Our lives changed forever on Dec. 27, 2003 when our daughter Adelyn was born. She was born 3 ½ months premature and weighed only 1 lb. 7 oz. She stayed at the U of U for a very long 3 months. It was the hardest thing that we have ever experienced but I guess it’s those things that make you stronger. She was a fighter and we were so happy to finally bring her home. She is such a miracle to us and is now a happy, healthy 3 year old. After her birth, I decided to stop working and become a full time mom. I couldn’t love my job more!! We decided that we had outgrown our house and moved into our current home in Riverton a couple of years ago.

Last year, on Aug. 30, 2007 we welcomed our son Kasen. He was a healthy 9 lbs. 13 oz. (who would have thought)! He is such a delight! I’ve never seen such a happy, smiley little boy. It was such a different experience from Addy and we were so thankful that there were no complications.

Between our kids, Eric’s job, and our real estate investments we have our hands full but still manage to have fun by going to the park, swimming, camping, playing co-ed softball, hanging out with friends and doing anything with our family. We love our life and can’t wait to see what the next ten years brings us.

Eric & Tammy Fontana

Becca (Wallis) Selph--No More Fixer-Uppers!

I just have to say thanks to all of you who are putting this together. What a great idea to have this blog. You guys are fabulous. It’s so fun to see what everyone is up to.

After high school I went to SLCC for a semester and then on to USU. I really enjoyed Logan. I met Matt Selph there in the fall of 1999 and we were married March 11, 2000. We continued living in Logan while Matt completed his Masters degree. We had our first son Isaac in August of 2001. We bought our first house, an old 4-plex in downtown Salt Lake about a year after that. A few months later we moved to Puerto Rico. We were there for about 5 months. That was an adventure. We lived in an apartment right on the beach, and I was able to learn some Spanish. Even though I was on the beach everyday, I never got tan, go figure.

After that we moved back to Utah and bought a house in Sandy. We lived there for three years. While we were there we had our second son, Matthias, in March 2004. About a year ago we built a house in Lehi. In February we had our third little boy, Gideon. I really enjoy our new house, it is a great improvement from the “fixer-uppers” we’ve had in the past. The area is nice too. We live in a cul-de-sac and there are always friends for my kids to play with.

I love to travel. We have been to many places around the States, including Myrtle Beach, SC, which we visit often. Last October we went to Brazil (that was an awesome trip) and in March we went to Hawaii. We have also been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and The Dominican Republic. In high school the furthest I had ever traveled was Seattle, it’s been eye opening to see other parts of the world and how other people live. I plan to visit many more places before I’m done.

I have had the opportunity to be a stay home mom ever since our first son was born. I love it. Isaac is almost 6 now and about to start kindergarten. Matthias is 3 and Gideon is 6 months. Having three little boys in one house can get pretty hectic, and there are times that they drive me crazy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Matt is a wonderful man and a fabulous husband. I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have four cute guys who adore me!

Becca Selph



Brian Poulsen Prepares for the D.A.T.!

The first five years consisted of a lot of dating, a lot of working and some college, taking a class here and a class there at Salt Lake Community College. I luckily stumbled upon my beautiful companion Rebecca Monique at the Mall. She worked at a shoe store and sold me some shoes. I met Rebecca about 3 years out of High School, we dated for about 2 years and eventually tied the knot in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple for time and all eternity. Since our Marriage five years ago we have had two children, Mckenzie (2 yrs) and Madison (10 mos). I received an Associates Degree from SLCC and am currently attending the University of Utah, taking necessary courses in preparation for the Dental Admissions Test. I have been working now for five years with Paramount Acceptance Corporation both full time as an Office Manager and recently stepped down working part time to focus more of my time to schooling. I am currently pursuing a career in Pediatric Dentistry. If all goes to plan, I should be in dental school within 1-2 years.
Brian K. Poulsen

Firefighter Spicer!

Well after reading other peoples blogs I realized that I needed to extend mine. After high school I worked for a couple of different jobs before my mission including the ever popular Video Matic Group, a safety shoe retailer as the warehouse manager, and with a landscape/construction company. I of course attended some college at SLCC. I did not have a major in mind so I took a wide array of classes, unfortunately nothing tying together to aide in a degree.

In July of 1998 I headed off to the Guatemala Quetzaltenango mission. I had many life educating experiences during these two years and will never regret having made this decision. After my mission I returned home and continued to date the same girl that I had dated before leaving. Many people ask if Jennifer waited for me I tell them no I just got lucky she had not gotten married while I was gone.

After returning from the mission I worked at a couple of different jobs. The first was an account manager at Rent-A-Center, this only lasted about six weeks as I was tired of people lying to me about their delinquent accounts and making promises they would never keep. Plus after two years of serving people I just did not have it in me to go and repo their belongings. Next I moved onto a career closer to my now dream job as a Firefighter, I was a 911 telephone operator for the local 911 and emergency dispatch center (VECC). Six months after starting at VECC Jennifer and I were married on February 23, 2000.

During my time at VECC I decided that I needed to make some steps toward my goal of becoming Firefighter. I took a class to re-certify my EMT certification, and also sponsored myself through a Fire Academy that was sponsored by West Valley City. After receiving my firefighting education and certifications I started to test with many different agencies throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Also during my tenure at VECC Jennifer and I had our first two children Haylee (5) on April 5th 2002, and Shayla (4) July 8th 2003.

In the spring of 2003 I became a Volunteer / Reserve Firefighter for Sandy City. This was an un-paid position although it allowed me the opportunity to gain some much needed experience. After two and a half years of Volunteer Firefighting and many tests I received full time employment with Sandy City as a Firefighter in the fall of 2005. I continued and still am employed by VECC as a part time (Fire Dispatcher) basically I am on the other end of the two way radio giving the emergency units the details of their response, when I am not responding the call myself. I am also a part time Firefighter for Bluffdale City in the far south end of Salt Lake County. I also have a couple of other odd side jobs although nothing real exciting.

On October 19th of 2006 we had our third child and first son Anthony (A.J.) we currently live in West Valley City close to Centennial Park on 5600 west and 3100 south not far from where Jen and I grew up. This is our third house since being married (we hope to be in this one for a while). Life if very busy with work and the time spent with the family, but I am enjoying it and I am grateful for the decisions and experiences I have made and had over the past ten years.

Joseph (J.C) Spicer


Melissa (Palmer) Davis Update!

I met my husband, Ryan, and got married in February 1998. We went to BYU and graduated in 2002. We have 3.5 children, and we currently own two businesses in the insurance and financial planing filed.

Melissa Davis

Jake Shovan

(bio coming soon!)

Jake Shovan

Heather (Hardy) Cable--The Hair Stylist!

When we left Granger, I went to the college of Eastern Utah in Price for Cosmetology for about six whole months! Yea- I would not say the best six months either. Stephen made lots of trips to Price during that time. After short deliberation and not much persuasion from Stephen, I decided to transfer my credits to Hairitage College of Beauty in Murray to finish school and get my Cosmetology License.

After High School, Stephen continued working with his first love…cars. He worked at various car dealerships as detail manger and also salesman until shortly after Sept. 11, 2001 when the bottom fell out of the economy. After that he decided to join the family business and get his Real Estate License. This fall he will become a Broker Associate for GlenArbor Real Estate, Inc. Stephen has found that he loves real estate almost as much as cars. (It just means that cars are in his free time.) Stephen keeps busy assisting clients all day and by night buying and selling our own properties. We always have a property to fix and flip or rent. We keep hopping with all of our rental properties. We are on our third personal home and I tell Stephen I will not move again because I love our home and neighbors in WV- not to mention family. But we do take time out once in a while for a break to our favorite vacation spot, Hawaii, or take the kids to Disneyland and Sea World.

We married in the S.L. Temple on May 6, 1999 for all time and eternity to start our married lives together. Nathan Robert joined us in January of 2001. He is now 6 and will be starting first grade in a couple of weeks. I never thought anything so small could have so much energy as our Nathan, who never stops talking. He talks about everything and anything all day long. He will even direct the household and tell other people what they need to be saying also. He is a very deep thinker, very creative and smart.

Jessica Lynne was born about 3 years later in August 2004. Our little princess is such a girlie-girl insisting she always have her toes painted. But she can definitely hold her own with her brothers.
Andrew Warren joined our family September 2006 and will be having his first birthday soon! All he wants is to keep up with brother and sister. He was walking by 10 months and is currently into everything!

As soon as our family slows down just a bit I will also be getting my real estate license so that Stephen and I can work as an official team in growing our family, love and business.

Heather Cable

Yen (Tieu) Blauch

(bio coming soon!)

Yen Blauch


Mathew Pett--Cheer Competition Judge!

I have had a busy and eventful ten years. Right after high school I attended a couple of quarters at Southern Utah University before serving a mission in Bristol, England. I was able to put all of the years of English classes to good use. When I got home I continued my education at SUU and declared accounting as my major… I know, I don’t seem like an accountant. Luckily, I had cheerleading to break up the monotony (and pay for a lot of my schooling).

I also joined SUU’s ballroom dance company and stuck with it for four years. I competed in many competitions in couples and team divisions. I love to perform and I was able to perform all around Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

During my summers off I taught cheerleading camps for the United Spirit Association throughout the Western US. I remember going to these camps as a student and it was fun to be on the other side and pass on a week of grueling fun.

Since graduating with my Master’s degree in Accounting I have moved to San Diego to work in public accounting and currently work for College Loan Corporation as a finance accountant… I know, I still don’t seem like an accountant. So, to break up the monotony now I travel as a judge for cheerleading competitions. I’ve judged competitions in California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Mexico, and Guatemala. As if I don’t do enough, I’ve become quite the tour guide to all of the friends and family who come to visit San Diego. If you’re ever in town I’ll be happy to show you around.

Mat Pett