Kristy (Boudreaux) Chamberlain Update

I know I didn't make it to the 10 year, but I'm stoked to find this blog, and even more stoked for the 15 year reunioun! Wow. We're getting old!!! To sum it up, after high school, I refused to take life seriously! Life was a raging party for about 3 years! I enrolled at SLCC, where I received my AS. Somehow, in between several treks accross the country, and up and down each coast, I eventually managed to graduate from the University of Utah, with a BS in English Lit. (I'd love to have the energy now that I did then!)

When I was ready to calm down, I moved to Southern Utah. Hurricane, actually, which is a small farm community just North of St. George. It was here that I got married, and had my 2 BEAUTIFUL kids, Dylan (7) and Brooklyn (5). I don't know about you guys, but my Mother always taught me that the first marriage is just for practice ;) I married my Soulmate, Brandon in June of '05, and was blessed with Triston (6), my "bonus" child.

For about 5 years I was a Designer for a company in St. George. I freelance now, out of my home, but I find myself busier than ever with ballet lessons, karate, birthday parties, and volunteering at the kids' school. In my spare time (ya right) I love reading, writing, camping, hunting, fishing, pretty much anything that ends with "ing". I'd love to hear from old friends, so if you have any more questions, just email!!

Kristy (Boudreaux) Chamberlain


Bridger & Brandi (Baer) Hill

Brandi just sent along the link to her and Bridger's blog. Click here to check it out. We're excited they found us!


GHS Homecoming Game

Hey Granger!

If you didn't make it to the Homecoming Game, you missed out!

I haven't been back since High School and honestly, it was really fun...not to mention a great family activity. Here are a few pictures from the game. Hopefully everyone can mark the date for next year. It would be great for all old-fogie-97'ers to dominate the crowd (and get cheap food and entertainment).

Hope everyone is happy and well.
P.S. As an incentive to come next year, Aubrey Thompson and I are going to cheer...hahaha! Seriously though.... (that deserves another laugh- hehehehehe!). Anyone else want to join us??


Spencer Searle Is Found!

Check out Spencer Searle's new blog here. He and his wife just had a new little baby boy and have lots of pictures on their blog of the new little one. Crongrats guys!


Bette Quan's Facebook

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Sari (Peterson) Stenholm's MySpace

Sari just sent along her myspace address. Check it out here.


DeEsta (Gailey) Peterson Just had a Baby!

DeEsta (Gailey) Peterson has a new baby girl! Be sure to stop by her new blog to congratulate her!


Joseph Spicer has a Blog

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Granger Homecoming

Just a reminder that Granger's Homecoming is on Friday, September 12th. I believe the football game starts at 7:00 pm.

This was in the West Valley Journal newspaper:

"An alumni association for Granger High School has been established effective immediately... The Association will officially launch at this year's Homecoming celebration Friday Sept. 12th by hosting an Alumni Tailgate Party from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at the Granger Park pavilion before the football game. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs will be available for a nominal fee. Discounted game tickets, prize drawings and Granger High School graduates and their families are welcome to attend. Association organizers invite all GHS graduates, current students, parents of graduates or current students, school faculty and staff and others who support Granger High to join GHSAA. For updates and further information, please visit www.graniteschools.org/hs/granger/."


Class of '98 Reunion

The class of '98 had their reunion this past Saturday, August 30th and had a great turnout and a great time. You can check out a video of their reunion by visiting their blog here.


Emilie (Thomas) Nixon's Blog

Catch up with Emilie by visiting her blog here.


You're Invited

I just wanted to post that everybody is invited to Gardner Village's Moonlight Madness Beach Party this Saturday, August 16th. We will be DJing it for the 2nd year in a row, and I'd LOVE for all Granger High 97 alumni to come and say hi to me at my DJ booth! I would love to be able to visit some old classmates, since I wasn't able to go to the reunion! Thanks!
Michelle Powell


No Longer "The Most Eligible Bachelorette"

I just got married to the most wonderful guy around, Kipp Sorensen. I am beyond lucky and blessed and I am so happy for myself and my new family... I have inherited 2 great little boys too, Brenden and Ian! They are wonderful, little men with sweet spirits and rascal tendencies (A perfect match for Keawe) :) How great is it that I get to continue my fantastic life with a fantastic partner, friend and lover?!

God continues to bless me and I am eternally grateful. I hope everyone is as in love with their spouse as they were on their wedding day; It is a beautiful and powerful feeling and the one and only base for a loving, happy family. May you never forget it and may you continue to love more dearly than you ever thought possible.

Kisses and blessings to all,


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Mindi (Millgate) Martin Adopted a Baby!

Congratulations to Mindi who just adopted a beautiful little baby girl from Ohio! To read more about it, you can check out her new blog here.


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Michelle (Gines) Powell's Updated Blog Address

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Kenneth Chapman

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Nick Richmond Found Us!

Me and my niece at my nephew’s baptism

Hey all, I just ran into a fellow class mate who told me about this blog. I’ve been in the army for the last almost eleven years. I first did time as a reservist for the army up at the 328th CSH at Fort Douglas(sp?). Then I went on a mission to Tijuana Mexico. After my mission I did some time at SLCC got an associates and then went on active duty. I am currently in my fourth year doing some school provided for by them. My condolences to the families of those recently passed.

Nick Richmond

Taylor & Leah (Moorman) Hennessy Adopt a Baby!

Samuel Joseph Hennessy was born on Thursday, March 13th at 12:44 pm. He is the sweetest baby ever! We love him so much!!

He weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. and was 21 inches long! We got to take him home on Sunday, March 16th and he was officially ours on March 18th when his birth mother, Leanna signed the papers.
We finally have our little son! Taylor and I are so happy!

Leah (Moorman) Hennessy



More Sad News...

Dear Lancers-

I must admit, not a pleasant week for our fellow school mates. Just wanted to pass on some sad news about the death of Zane Antonio. He passed away in late January and it was just brought to my attention. I'm not sure, but I heard it may have been a heart attack.

Prayers and blessings to the families of both Zane and Nick....

Take care of yourselves and God Bless,



Sad News

Just wanted to share the sad news that Nick Bardsley passed away. You can click on his name to view his obituary. He will be missed.


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Lady Lancers Night Out!

Ladies, we're planning a night out for just us girls. We'd love for all of you to come! Please join us February 9th at the Olive Garden (by Fashion Place Mall) at 7 p.m. And we'll see where the night takes us. If you're interested in coming please email Katie (Potts) Cameron at kameo1010@yahoo.com and let her know so that we can give Olive Garden a number of how many will be attending.



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