Brian Carlson Update

Has it really been 15 yrs??! Wow! Time flies!

Here's my top headlines--

I'm back! If you haven't turned on your TV lately, my smilin' face is now on everyday here in Utah.
In 2008, I moved back to Salt Lake from Washington state. I got hired as a reporter for ABC 4. I've done stories on everything from skydiving to stabbings, and doing game stunts with Jazz Bear to buying undercover drugs. I was the first reporter to break the news Apple is coming to City Creek. And in 2011, I won Utah's Society of Professional Journalists' Best Feature Reporter. Now just within the last 6 months, I've also started filling-in as the Morning Anchor on Good Morning Utah. When you can see on me on TV changes a lot. Lately, I'm reporting in the evenings. If you want to see a quick reel of my work click here

I'm single. A lot of people ask me why. All can I say is-- she & I haven't met yet.

My Dad died. Some of you knew my father Doug. Many of those who did, came to his funeral in Jan. 2009. Thank you so much. It was wonderful to see all the people who cared for my father. You may not have realized my Dad had kidney problems as early as 1993. He eventually died from medical complications from his condition.  He was an amazing example to me. I miss him a lot.

The rest. I live in a house in the Millcreek area with a bunch of dudes. Still strong LDS. I love wakeboarding & rock climbing.

See you in September!  


Anonymous said...

Here ARE my top headlines, Brian. Grammar.

Celticbabe said...

It's great to see you doing well, Brian. :)

RonnaLee said...

I'm sad to see the school torn down. I have a lot of happy memories from good old GHS.