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You're Invited

I just wanted to post that everybody is invited to Gardner Village's Moonlight Madness Beach Party this Saturday, August 16th. We will be DJing it for the 2nd year in a row, and I'd LOVE for all Granger High 97 alumni to come and say hi to me at my DJ booth! I would love to be able to visit some old classmates, since I wasn't able to go to the reunion! Thanks!
Michelle Powell


No Longer "The Most Eligible Bachelorette"

I just got married to the most wonderful guy around, Kipp Sorensen. I am beyond lucky and blessed and I am so happy for myself and my new family... I have inherited 2 great little boys too, Brenden and Ian! They are wonderful, little men with sweet spirits and rascal tendencies (A perfect match for Keawe) :) How great is it that I get to continue my fantastic life with a fantastic partner, friend and lover?!

God continues to bless me and I am eternally grateful. I hope everyone is as in love with their spouse as they were on their wedding day; It is a beautiful and powerful feeling and the one and only base for a loving, happy family. May you never forget it and may you continue to love more dearly than you ever thought possible.

Kisses and blessings to all,


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Mindi (Millgate) Martin Adopted a Baby!

Congratulations to Mindi who just adopted a beautiful little baby girl from Ohio! To read more about it, you can check out her new blog here.


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