Scott Mills Update

Wow has is really been 15 years?? What a ride! Well we have been quite busy since we've last been together. Kari (KariLyn Digerness) and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary October 23rd and our 13th Temple Sealing anniversary on Freedom Day, Sept. 11th.

We have three children; Braden is 12 (almost 13) Katelyn is 10 and Nicole is 7. All three keep us on our toes  with school, dance and other activities. Kari has gone back to school and is currently an advanced EMT working on getting into fire school and persuing Paramedic. I have been at Discover Financial Services for the last 13 years and currently work in the IRA department assisting account holders with their IRA options. I am looking into the new Mortuary Science program SLCC just got approved to offer. We still live really close to a lot of all the places we grew up with here in West Valley! The girls are attending Rolling Meadows Elementary and Braden just started at Valley Junior High! So excited to see everyone and have some fun!


Brandi (Lloyd) Hewitt Update

First of all it blows my mind how much time has passed. In our 30's now! I remember thinking how old that was going to be. I still feel so young at heart, with a more mature outlook I hope!

Well right after high school graduation I started at SLCC with a full ride scholarship and began my nursing education. Unfortunate before the first semester was over my step dad passed away. He was the man that raised me and I considers Dad. I was devastated and had a hard time continuing school at that time. A couple years later I decided to go back and graduated with my LPN from Snow in 2002. I have been a nurse for 10 years now. I have done a year towards my RN and bachelors at Westminster, and will be continuing on for a graduate degree in nursing.

I gave birth to two kids, my son Jordan 15 (almost 16), my daughter Jaidyn 12. Seven years ago I was fortunate enough to be blessed with three more Tyeler 17, Chellsea 15 (almost 16) and Phoenix 8.

I met my soul mate, my life line, Jeremy. He is my rock, my partner and my absolute love.

I was recently amazingly fortunate to find my Dad and have since met incredible siblings and other family members.

I won't leave out my mom, she's been an instrumental part of it all and without her I would never have become the woman I am today! I am so lucky to have them all! Truly an amazing family.

It's been an incredible ride and I can't wait for the rest if it!!

Jodi (Bodenhofer) Wickham Pritchett Update

Love brings you to new atmosphere of Harmony……The big picture takes a lifetime to build!!!
5 years ago my life changed forever.  The love of my life passed away unexpectedly.  This was no easy task to get through and left my heart broken and aching.  I picked up all the pieces and continued to live life with a heart full of song.  The love we shared kept me going through the darkest of times.
About 6 months after Wayne passed away. I met a handsome man named Ben Pritchett.  He sure was beyond a miracle in my mind.  He just got me without any questions he loved me for me and not who I use to be.  I in turn loved him for being who he was as well.   We fell in love and then never looked back.  I fell like it was inspired but either way we make a great pair.  We were married on April 2, 2010 a few years after we met.  Together we have 8 children.  Ryon 17, Haylee 16, Brody 13, Kelsey 13, Devon 11, Kaitlyn 11, Hayden 8 and, the caboose is Emarie at 7.  His are in blue and mine are in Black.  Amazing!!!  

In the last 5 years I have been going to school for the first time since High School working on my Associate Degree at the moment.   I have been going for over 2 years now I think I will be going for the rest of my life.  I love to learn and hope to continue learning so many wonderful things.   Along with raising 8 kids I have my hands full (=

I am truly the luckiest girl in the world.  To have so much joy at the same time of such sadness makes you see everything quite differently.  Don’t take this life for granted…….Change and grow and one day you will look back and see that you did make a difference in this life after all!!!
Can’t wait to see you all at the 15 year reunion!!!


Tasha (Bevan) Hew-Len Update

15 years? Wow, we are officially getting old! Well, I hope everyone has accomplished great things for themselves in the last 15 years! For me personally, I know I have. I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have what I have and do what I do.

I have been married to the sexiest Hawaiian boy ever for 9 years. We have two beautiful kiddos and a big puppy! Our daughter Ka'aulani is 5 years old and just starting Kindergarten. Our son Kua is 21 months and a little firecracker! Ka'aulani is a sweet caring little girl and Kua is such a RASCAL!!! ;) I am so blessed to be a wife and a mother to my little family and to work with such amazing and special people. I have been working for Utah School's for the Deaf and Blind for the past 10 years and have loved every minute of it. I literally get to work with angels for a living! I'm one lucky girl because we are going to have a big party in heaven with these special angels.

My husband and I own a a couple of businesses that keep us happy, healthy, and busy! We own and operate a Polynesian entertainment company, Pacific Sound Productions, that brings Polynesian songs and dances to your special events! We have performed all over UT and ID. It's one of those things that always fun to make people smile and have a good time! We get to perform with some of our favorite people and we absolutely love it! www.pacificsoundproductions.com

I am also grateful to be a part of the health and fitness industry. I have always had aspirations of becoming a personal trainer. I have been fortunate enough to work with my cousin Aja with some of her projects and love that she is helping me with my dreams. Soon enough I will a be helping people with their health goals as a personal trainer. As for now, I promote the #1 Weight-Loss and Fitness Challenge in North America. The Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge. www.fitVIme.com

Tiffanie (Dawes) Vierra Update

Well where do I start....I have worked for UPS for 12 years and own my own house. I have a 13 year old boy named Austin. He was born 7 weeks early but you would never know if you looked a him today.

Two and a half years ago, I meet my love Anthony, he has two boys Tony 15 years old and Jon 12 years old. He purposed to me about 6 months after dating. We decided to get married in Maui, Hawaii on Kapalua Beach on September 23,2011. We spent 9 beautiful days there, went snorkling, fishing trip, luau and spent lots of time on the beach... It was the most amazing time..

We are very happy with the family life we have and enjoy each other to the fullest. I spend my best time with him.

Andrea Short (Fullerton) Update

I won't be able to make it on September 8th. But here is a quick up date on me. Right out of high school i meat my husband (Gabe) while working at the zoo in 1998 i moved to California tell 2001 we have been here ever since. I got married in 2000. I have 1 child (Tyson) who is the joy of our lives keeps us busy. I am a stay at home mom whirling my husband works at Westminster college as a grounds keeper. I can't believe the school is going to get torn down. Have a great 15 year maybe the next one i will come. Keep me updated on the park


Joann (Scarlet) Spencer Update

Man! How time flies! Over the last 5 years we have had our ups and downs. But I would have to say that the blessing that we have received have been worth all  of it!

We moved to South Jordan the winter after our 10 year reunion. We are still living here and loving it! The people in our area are amazing! With having a 13 year old, an 11 year old, an 8 year old, a 6 year old and a 3 year old, we are crazy busy. With dance, piano, football, cub scouts..... but it's a great season in our life, and we are loving every minute of it!!

We were blessed to have our fifth child, about 3 years ago. Exactly two weeks after he was born my husband went into the hospital and was diagnosed with Guallian Barre. This is very terrible disease were your body attacks your nerve system and paralyzes your body. He was paralyzed from his head to his toes. He spent the next three and a half months in the hospital. Our wonderful family and friends rallied around us and helped us through this hard time. My husband had to relearn how to breath, talk, eat, walk.... Everything has slowly came back except most of his feet are paralyzed. But he can walk. He is able to work, he sale homes for Candlelight Homes. For the last 2 1/2 years we have been slowly getting back to "normal life."

Mark and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary this year. :0) In the last 14 years we have had 5 kids, 5 residences, 1 snake, a ton of fish, 1 horny toad and a hamster. We have had quite an adventure.

Sorry that I can't report that I have done anything amazing or world changing. Most of the exciting things in our lives right now are the little things that have to do with the kids. Like someone getting a good grade on a test, or a tooth that has fallen out, doing good in dance or football.... But really aren't those the things that really make life wonderful! I'm very excited to see you all and can't wait to read your stories. Wishing you a wonderful 5 more years.


Brian Carlson Update

Has it really been 15 yrs??! Wow! Time flies!

Here's my top headlines--

I'm back! If you haven't turned on your TV lately, my smilin' face is now on everyday here in Utah.
In 2008, I moved back to Salt Lake from Washington state. I got hired as a reporter for ABC 4. I've done stories on everything from skydiving to stabbings, and doing game stunts with Jazz Bear to buying undercover drugs. I was the first reporter to break the news Apple is coming to City Creek. And in 2011, I won Utah's Society of Professional Journalists' Best Feature Reporter. Now just within the last 6 months, I've also started filling-in as the Morning Anchor on Good Morning Utah. When you can see on me on TV changes a lot. Lately, I'm reporting in the evenings. If you want to see a quick reel of my work click here

I'm single. A lot of people ask me why. All can I say is-- she & I haven't met yet.

My Dad died. Some of you knew my father Doug. Many of those who did, came to his funeral in Jan. 2009. Thank you so much. It was wonderful to see all the people who cared for my father. You may not have realized my Dad had kidney problems as early as 1993. He eventually died from medical complications from his condition.  He was an amazing example to me. I miss him a lot.

The rest. I live in a house in the Millcreek area with a bunch of dudes. Still strong LDS. I love wakeboarding & rock climbing.

See you in September!  


Aja (Bevan) Kayser Update

Hello again Lancers of 1997. The last 5 years have been good to me and I have nothing to complain about (except maybe the extra wrinkles… damn sunblock that I never used!). I remarried 4 years ago to a Handsome Prince/IT Consultant, Kipp Sorensen. I inherited two fine step sons (Brenden and Ian) and we also welcomed a new baby girl (Aliana)… Yeah! Now I will have a friend when I am old. Of course I still have my son, Keawe… didn’t want to get rid of him… And now we have a complete family of 6, and hoping for one more.

Since the last reunion we had a short-term living arrangement in Washington DC and then a year and a half in NYC, right on Wall Street. AMAZING! We are back in Utah and now reside next to the mountains in Sandy… I swore I would never leave the West Side to live with the snobby East-siders… but the mountains were calling and I found out that I was being a judgmental jerk! However,  I miss buying fresh tamales in the Walmart parking lot, Polynesian gatherings in the family garage, low-riding Honda Civics and WV bangs. Teeheehee! So here I am and I love it.

I’ve been lucky to continue owning a Personal Training and Nutrition Business (www.ajakayser.com).  I also opened another company that takes people on Fitness and Adventure Vacations to Hawaii (www.funfitnessvacations.com). Lastly, I am a contractor with a fitness equipment company, designing fitness programs for their equipment and creating workout videos. It has been great. They have sent me to Italy and more trips to come. So pretty much, I don’t use my BA in Journalism, BA in French or my MA in Intercultural Communications at all and I couldn’t be happier. Fitness just does it for me. Still biking, hiking, swimming, running, camping, motorcycling, wakeboarding, snowboarding, fracturing  bones and peeing my pants (joys of motherhood).

 I have enjoyed many vacations, as it is my passion. It’s always an adventure since I am a last-minute Joe and the Budget Queen of the Universe.  I’ve had to slow down because of that responsibility thing called, Mom.

Well friends, the bragging stops here. Thank you for listening and I honestly can’t wait to read about what you have been up to. Get’r done and see you on September 8th!   ALOHA!!


Allen & Missy (Miller) Ackerson Update

Has it really been 5 years since our last update?!

Allen still works for the City of Centerville. He is now a Detective and mostly sits at a desk, which he really dislikes. He occasionally picks up extra shifts just so he can get out on the streets and patrol again. We do enjoy the regular hours he now has and he is able to make it to most of the kids' extra activities. He is still receiving awards for his work in his department. He has been the "Sharp Shooter" for the past 3 years among many other awards.

Missy has been teaching preschool in our home for the past 4 years and absolutely loves it. All the neighborhood kids call her Miss Missy and love to give her hugs and tell her stories. She loves toting our two children, Carson 10 and Ellie 8, to their different activities. Life revolves around baseball, softball, piano, basketball, scouts and a lot more. We recently put in our adoption papers and are waiting for another baby. Yes, we know we will be starting over with the diapers and late nights, but we believe our family is not yet complete.

In 2010 Missy's kidney's shut down and she spent the month of April in the LDS hospital. Once out of the hospital she had a pretty quick recovery and is now feeling great! We are all loving life and can't wait to hear about everyone else.

Allen and Missy (Miller) Ackerson


Erin (Hinckley) Miller Update

Since I was the first to start this off five years ago, I guess I'll be the first to start it off this go around as well. Life for us these past five years have been good. Our family is the same size, except our little boy is now five and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. We are hoping to be adopting another little baby about the time of the reunion, so hopefully all will go as planned there. Mike works for an investment bank in downtown Salt Lake and I run a blog designing business (Designer Blogs) from my home and love being able to stay home with my boy. Mike and I have been married 10 amazing years and currently reside in Midvale.

We've been on a lot of fun vacations and love to travel. Most recently we spent a week in Michigan where we participated in the Transplant Games of America. It's an Olympic style competition where people who have had life-saving organ transplants get to compete against each other. My husband came home with three medals: a gold in table tennis, a silver in basketball, and a bronze in volleyball! It was an amazing experience and I had a blast cheering my heart throb on!

Since I blog about pretty much everything, you can read more about what we've been up to on there:

We look forward to seeing each of you at the reunion!


Yo 1997 Grads!

Our 15-year reunion is fast approaching (see sidebar for details) and we want to know what everyone has been up to in the past five years. Please send your updated profile and 1-3 pictures to granger97@gmail.com. Tell us about what you have accomplished, something interesting or unique you have experienced: work, family, school, love and life, etc. We want to hear from you. Your update will be posted on this blog along with all other 1997 classmates so be sure to check it frequently to catch up on each others lives! We'll hope to be hearing from you soon!

Also, be sure to spread the word about the reunion to ALL Granger grads! It's going to be the last hurrah for GHS alumni at the school before it gets torn down, so we want ALL alumni to know they are invited.