Jodi (Bodenhofer) Wickham Pritchett Update

Love brings you to new atmosphere of Harmony……The big picture takes a lifetime to build!!!
5 years ago my life changed forever.  The love of my life passed away unexpectedly.  This was no easy task to get through and left my heart broken and aching.  I picked up all the pieces and continued to live life with a heart full of song.  The love we shared kept me going through the darkest of times.
About 6 months after Wayne passed away. I met a handsome man named Ben Pritchett.  He sure was beyond a miracle in my mind.  He just got me without any questions he loved me for me and not who I use to be.  I in turn loved him for being who he was as well.   We fell in love and then never looked back.  I fell like it was inspired but either way we make a great pair.  We were married on April 2, 2010 a few years after we met.  Together we have 8 children.  Ryon 17, Haylee 16, Brody 13, Kelsey 13, Devon 11, Kaitlyn 11, Hayden 8 and, the caboose is Emarie at 7.  His are in blue and mine are in Black.  Amazing!!!  

In the last 5 years I have been going to school for the first time since High School working on my Associate Degree at the moment.   I have been going for over 2 years now I think I will be going for the rest of my life.  I love to learn and hope to continue learning so many wonderful things.   Along with raising 8 kids I have my hands full (=

I am truly the luckiest girl in the world.  To have so much joy at the same time of such sadness makes you see everything quite differently.  Don’t take this life for granted…….Change and grow and one day you will look back and see that you did make a difference in this life after all!!!
Can’t wait to see you all at the 15 year reunion!!!

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