Brandi (Lloyd) Hewitt Update

First of all it blows my mind how much time has passed. In our 30's now! I remember thinking how old that was going to be. I still feel so young at heart, with a more mature outlook I hope!

Well right after high school graduation I started at SLCC with a full ride scholarship and began my nursing education. Unfortunate before the first semester was over my step dad passed away. He was the man that raised me and I considers Dad. I was devastated and had a hard time continuing school at that time. A couple years later I decided to go back and graduated with my LPN from Snow in 2002. I have been a nurse for 10 years now. I have done a year towards my RN and bachelors at Westminster, and will be continuing on for a graduate degree in nursing.

I gave birth to two kids, my son Jordan 15 (almost 16), my daughter Jaidyn 12. Seven years ago I was fortunate enough to be blessed with three more Tyeler 17, Chellsea 15 (almost 16) and Phoenix 8.

I met my soul mate, my life line, Jeremy. He is my rock, my partner and my absolute love.

I was recently amazingly fortunate to find my Dad and have since met incredible siblings and other family members.

I won't leave out my mom, she's been an instrumental part of it all and without her I would never have become the woman I am today! I am so lucky to have them all! Truly an amazing family.

It's been an incredible ride and I can't wait for the rest if it!!

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